Ephedrine (Ephedrinhydrochloride) - 1ml/amp (50mg/1ml)

All bodybuilders know about the fat burner power of the Epfedrin product, as well as the positive side of ephedra as a pre-workout booster. But you just have to order this ephedrine, which is of good quality.

Many people make no distinction between Ephedrine, Ephedra and Epfedrin HCL. In the next few lines we clarify that, so that we end the confusion. The herb that contains the product Epfedrin is called ephedra. The active ingredient is actually ephedrine and is an alkaloid. And Epfedrin HCL is a salt of hydrochloric acid and is a mixture of epfedrine and hydrochloride. It is so combined to increase the bioavailability of the basic ephedrine. An ephedrine without HCL does not work so well because it can not be taken up in the bloodstream. So, if you order Epfedrin HCL, you'll make a good wall and many athletes will not look for pure ephedrine. In fact, it is recognized that ephedrine HCL is a pure ephedrine.

With us you can buy HCL without leaving your home - easily and quickly. Our products are well available even if you need large quantity. Not only is it easy to order ephedrine, but it is also really cheap.

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