Cycle for muscle mass and strength (beginners)


Total for the entire treatment you need 126 tabl. -2 packs of Methandienone

This cycle is about 8 to 10 kg of muscle mass and strength of 10-20 kg more in training.

8 weeks taking only Methandienone. In the first week, the dosage is 10 mg and then increases the dosage 10 mg until the third week. Then 3, 4th, 5th and 6th week, the dose is 30 mg. Seventh week - 20 mg, and the last week watch again 10 mg.

Taking the tablets after the meal.

first week - 1 tabl. after breakfast

second and seventh week - 1 tabl. after breakfast and 1. after dinner

third, fourth, fifth and sixth week - 1 tabl. after breakfast, 1 tabl. after lunch and 1. after dinner

In this treatment you must take Karsil - morning and evening

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