Testex (Testosteron Cypionate) - 2ml/vial (250mg/ml)

Testosterone cypionate is a white or creamy-white, crystalline powder, odorless and stable in the air. Testosterone cypionate promotes sexual desire, as well as muscle building and fat loss. Injections are usually less frequent for cypionate Cypionate.Testosteron is the King of all mass Builder, and for this purpose, it is also relatively inexpensive. It has a high risk of side effects due to the conversion to DHT, and has the potential to make estrogen. These properties lead to excellent mass building. Due to some other side effects such as water retention, it is not good for lean mass alone to be used profits, but with filler comes the addition of much muscle mass, as well as some gains in fat and water weight.

Testosterone cypionate is a single ester testosterone product. It has a length of 8 brushes and is located mostly in the adipose tissue, if intra muscular is injected. It is released in the body after it is injected slowly and steadily. Blood levels of cypionate peak 24-48 hours after the injection and then slowly decline. The blood levels reach a stable point 12 days after the first injection, and remain so for more than three weeks.

Estosterone cypionate is a good choice for beginners. A simple cycle, consisting of 500 mg of cypionate weekly for 10 weeks with ancillaries on the one hand and normal Post Cycle therapy makes a good first cycle and can some excellent gains in muscle mass. In addition to these come some gains in fat as water Rentention, but that is a standard part of collecting samples and should be expected.

Doses of 100-200 mg per week are common, you can make excellent results with about 300 mg or less for the beginner, and between 500-900 mg per week for advanced athletes.

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