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Oral Primobolan For Sale - Methenolone Acetate at Top Price

Oral Primobolan are a type of steroid medication used to increase lean muscle mass and improve athletic performance. They contain the active ingredient methenolone acetate, which is a synthetic form of the hormone testosterone. Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone in the body that plays a crucial role in the growth and development of muscle tissue. It is considered a mild steroid, which means that it has fewer side effects compared to other types of steroids. It can be used by both men and women as the risk of side effects is low.

For what is best for?

Oral Primobolan (Methenolone Acetate) is an anabolic steroid popular in bodybuilding and athletic circles for its muscle-building and fat-burning properties. It is a mild steroid that athletes often use during cutting cycles to maintain muscle mass while losing body fat.

Compared to other stronger steroids, oral Primobolan is not as effective at increasing muscle mass. It is a popular choice for those who want to avoid the more serious side effects of other steroids, such as testosterone, and prefer a milder, safer alternative.

Overall, Oral Primobolan is best suited for those who want to maintain or slightly increase their muscle mass while losing body fat and improving their physical appearance without the severe side effects of other steroids.

How does oral Primobolan work?

Methenolone acetate tablets work by increasing the production of testosterone in the body. This increased production of testosterone leads to an increase in muscle, strength, and performance. In addition, Primobolan tablets may also help improve recovery time after workouts and reduce muscle damage.

Primobolan is non-aromatizing, which means it is not converted to estrogen. Since methenolone acetate is non-aromatizing, it is often considered a relatively safe anabolic steroid for use by athletes and bodybuilders.

Primobolan tablets work in the following way:

- Increase protein performance and muscle tissue building.

- Anabolic effect, which is 88% in relation to the main male sex hormones.

- Not prone to aromatization.

- Minimal risk of hypertrophy of the mammary glands and fatty tissues.

- Reduces serum levels.

- Remains in the blood for 100 days.

Some of the benefits are:

- Increased muscle: The product works by increasing protein synthesis, which leads to the building of new muscle tissue. This can lead to an increase in muscle size and strength.

- Mild nature: It is considered a mild steroid with low potential for side effects compared to other anabolic steroids. This makes it a popular choice for athletes and bodybuilders who want to build muscle without experiencing severe side effects.

- Low potential for estrogen-related side effects: It does not aromatize (convert into estrogen), which means it does not cause water retention, fat storage, or other estrogen-related side effects. This can lead to a more defined, muscular appearance.

- Improved athletic performance: The product may improve athletic performance by increasing strength and power. This can lead to improved performance in a variety of sports and activities.

Some of the most common side effects are:

- Liver toxicity: The product is liver toxic, which may cause liver damage or liver dysfunction with excessive or prolonged use.

- Decreased natural testosterone production: It can suppress natural testosterone production. This can lead to a decrease in libido, decreased sperm count, and other symptoms of low testosterone.

- Acne: It may cause acne, especially on the face and back, due to increased oil production.

- Hair loss: The product may cause hair loss in people who have a predisposition to hair loss.

- Changes in cholesterol levels: The product may affect cholesterol levels by causing an increase in LDL cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and a decrease in HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol).

Dosage and cycle duration of oral Primobolan

The recommended daily dose for men is in the range of 25-50 milligrams, while women may take a lower dose of 10-25 milligrams per day. A typical cycle can last from 6 to 8 weeks. 

After completing a course of methenolone acetate tablets, it is recommended to perform post-cycle therapy (PCT) to allow the body to recover. This can be done with clomiphene citrate or tamoxifen and should last 1-2 months.

Example cycle for Anavar and oral Primobolan 

The following is a sample cycle using Anavar (Oxandrolone) and Primobolan tablets (Methenolone Acetate). It is important to note that this cycle should only be performed under the guidance of a professional and after a thorough evaluation of individual factors such as weight and age.


- Week 1 to 6: Anavar 20 milligrams per day.

- Week 1 to 8: Primobolan tablets 25 milligrams per day.

- Week 1 to 8: Carsil Max - 2 tablets per day - 1 in the morning after eating and 1 in the evening after eating.

Post-Cycle Therapy (PCT) Course:

- Week 9 to 12: Clomid (clomiphene citrate) 50 milligrams per day.

After finishing the therapy, you can continue with Tribestan (natural testosterone booster), a 100% herbal product. It is recommended to take it for at least 60 days. 2 tablets in the morning after eating and 2 tablets in the evening after eating.

It is important to follow the recommended PCT course to restore normal hormonal function and minimize the risk of side effects after completing the cycle of Anavar and oral Primobolan.

Primobolan tablets vs Primobolan injection (depot)

Primobolan is a steroid available in both tablet and injection form, known as Primobolan Tablets (Methenolone Acetate) and Primobolan Depot (Methenolone Enanthate) respectively.

There are some differences between the two forms of Primobolan, including:

- Dosage: Tablets are taken orally and usually have a lower dosage compared to injectable version, which is injected into muscle tissue.

- Absorption: Tablets are absorbed through the digestive system and metabolized in the liver, while injectable version is absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

- Duration of effect: Injectable version has a longer half-life compared to tablets, which means that the effects of Primobolan Depot may last longer.

- Administration: Tablets are taken orally, while the injectable version is injected into muscle tissue. This means that Primobolan tablets may be more convenient for some people, while Primobolan Depot may be more effective for others.

Possible Side Effects: Both forms of Primobolan may cause side effects, including liver damage, acne, and decreased testosterone production.

Where to buy Primobolan tablets online?

You can buy it here in our store without prescription at an affordable price.

It's important to purchase only from a reputable and secure source like our website. This will ensure that the product is genuine and safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Primobolan do?

- Primobolan is an anabolic steroid used to build muscle and increase strength. It works by increasing protein synthesis, which leads to muscle growth. Primobolan is mild and has a low potential for side effects because it is not converted to estrogen.

How long does it take for methenolone acetate to kick in? 

- In general, most users report feeling the effects of Primobolan within the first week or two of taking it.

Are there any side effects?

- Oral Primobolan may cause side effects. Some common side effects include acne, hair loss, and changes in mood or behavior.

Are Primobolan tablets safe?

- Primobolan tablets are considered safe compared to other steroids, but they still carry some risk of side effects.

Can women take Primobolan tablets?

- Yes, women can take oral Primobolan, but the risk of side effects such as virilization should be kept in mind.

How long does Primobolan stay in the blood?

- Primobolan remains in the blood for 100 days.

Is PCT necessary after taking methenolone acetate tablets?

- Yes, PCT is recommended after taking Primobolan tablets to allow the body to recover from the effects of the steroid.


Primobolan tablets, also known as methenolone acetate, is a type of steroid that is used to increase muscle mass and improve athletic performance. It is considered a mild steroid and can be taken orally, usually once or twice a day.

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