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Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) helps to increase hemoglobin and improve the structure and mass of red blood cells. This helps muscles and tissue cells benefit from higher levels of oxygen and nutrients, supporting their growth, development and recovery from exercise.

Halotestin has a half-life of about 7-9 hours. Therefore, the doses can be divided in half and taken twice a day.

Halotestin is a derivative of methyltestosterone and does not aromatize, which guarantees you a powerful androgenic effect at low estrogen levels. This American steroid is for short-term use, brings specific benefits for strictly specific purposes.

Halotestin (Fluoxymesterone) rapidly increasing your strength.

Intake and dosage: The usual intake for size and strength is from 1/2 to 1 tablet or from 5 to 10 mg. daily for up to 4 weeks. If you weigh more than 100 kg, the dose is a maximum of 30 mg, but not more than 3 weeks. Longer cycles are not recommended due to its high hepatotoxicity. Fluoxymesterone is not taken at the same time as anti-diabetic drugs.

Although it is not scented, after the end of the cycle it is important to go through the necessary therapy to balance your hormonal balance, which is disturbed due to the high androgenicity.

HT-5 Halotestin AVVA Labs (Fluoxymesterone) - 100tabs (5mg/tab) HT-5 Halotestin AVVA Labs (Fluoxymesterone) - 100tabs (5mg/tab)
Brand: AVVA Labs Model: Fluoxymesterone
Trade Name: HT-5 HalotestinActive Ingredient: FluoxymesteroneManufacturer: AVVA LabsSteroid Type: OralPackage Contains: 100 tabs x 5 mg100% Original Product..
64 €
Halomax MAXLab (Fluoxymesterone) - 60tabs (10mg/tab)
Brand: MAXLab Model: Fluoxymesterone
Halomax from MAXLab is a steroid with the most powerful anabolic (20 times stronger than testosterone) and androgenic (8.5 times stronger) activity. Halomax (Halotestin) is taken orally and has a strong strength and fat-burning effect. The active ingredient is Fluoxymesterone. Initially, the product..
89 €
Liv 52 Himalaya (Liver Detox) - 100tabs Liv 52 Himalaya (Liver Detox) - 100tabs
Model: Liver Detox Formula
Trade Name: Liv 52 - Liver Protection (Detox)Active Ingredient: Capparis spinosa - 65 mgAchillea millefilium - 16 mgCichorium intybus - 65 mgCassia occidentalis - 16 mgTamarix gallica - 16 mgTerminalia arjuna - 32 mgMandur bhasma - 33 mgSolanum nigrum - 32 mg Manufacturer: Himala..
16 €
Liver Protection - Carsil Max (Silymarin) Liver Protection - Carsil Max (Silymarin)
Hot -14 %
Brand: Sopharma Model: Silymarin
Silymarin is a herbal active ingredient of Carsil obtained from the extract of fruits of milk thistle (Silybum marianum). The product has hepatoprotective and antioxidant effect. Carsil inhibits penetration of toxins into liver cells  and causes physical and chemical stabilization of the cell m..
19 € 22 €
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