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testo cypionate diagramTestosterone Cypionate (Depo Testosterone) is a slow-acting anabolic steroid. This ester has a half-life of about 15-16 days. The main effect of this anabolic product is to increase muscle mass.

One of the most common questions about Testosterone Cypionate is when does the product start to work. The answer is not specific, as the results may vary from case to case. Normally, Cypionate for injection will have effect from 3 to 6 weeks after the start of the steroid cycle.

Bodybuilders should remember that Cypionate is capable of water retention. This effect has its positive sides, because the retention of water allows reducing the load on the joints and ligaments.

Steroid profile of Testosterone Cypionate

Chemical structure: Testosterone Cypionate is a modified form of testosterone in which the Cypionate ester is attached to the testosterone molecule. This esterification process increases the half-life of the steroid and makes it more soluble in oil, allowing for slower release into the bloodstream.

Anabolic/androgenic ratio: Testosterone Cypionate has an anabolic/androgenic ratio of 100:100.

This means that its anabolic (muscle building) and androgenic (masculinizing) effects are balanced.

Route of administration: Intramuscular injection

Half-Life: The half-life of Testosterone Cypionate is about 8 days, which means that half of the steroid is eliminated from the body within 8 days.

Detection Time: Testosterone Cypionate is detectable in the body for up to 3 months after administration.

Dosage: The typical dosage of Testosterone Cypionate for performance enhancement is between 250 and 500 mg per week

What are the effects?

Slow-acting anabolic steroid that contains the hormone Testosterone with a long ester attached to it — Cypionate. It has a powerful anabolic and androgenic effect, and it's use leads to a drastic increase in strength and power.

Testosterone Cypionate has all the benefits of Testosterone, and the effect of the hormone comes gradually and is felt most strongly after the end of the second week.

Testosterone Cypionate is the basis of almost all serious cycles for weight gain, creating muscle relief and overall transformation of the physique. It's very successfully used alone in cycle for beginners.

In the sports industry, this product has been used to increase the size of the muscles and build strength. The product leads to the retention of nitrogen in the body and also increases the concentration of protein. It is worth ordering Testosterone Cypionate because it increases the amount of IGF-1, and this component helps to enhance the anabolic effect. It also activates satellite cells. They perform an important function in the human body and help to recover faster from injuries.

Testosterone Cypionate injection acts on the receptors of androgenic hormones, thanks to which you are able to lose excess subcutaneous fat.

Cypionate is able to reshape muscle fibers and give to the body a more perfect appearance. Due to these properties, it is in great demand among a wide audience of buyers from the world of sports. It also helps to reduce catabolic processes.

Course with Testosterone Cypionate allows:

- Activate the processes of building muscles;

- Build strength;

- Improve the production of red blood cells;

- Inhibit catabolic processes;

- Improve appetite.

Possible side effects & contraindications

Contraindications to taking include: individual intolerance, breast cancer, prostate cancer.

The product should be taken with caution by men who are older.

Bodybuilders can expect various negative reactions like gynecomastia, breast enlargement, increased hair growth, allergic reactions, high blood pressure, blood clots, liver disease, increased sex drive and swelling.

These effects are caused by the ability of the medicine to convert into estrogens. To eliminate the negative effects of Testosterone Cypionate caused by the aromatization of the substance, it is worth using Clomid or Tamoxifen. These products reduce the effect of estrogen to a minimum. It is also possible to replace anti-estrogens with aromatase blockers.

An increase in androgens can also cause adverse reactions in the body. This effect is caused by the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone. This substance can cause acne, hair growth or baldness. Such negative reactions should especially affect athletes who are predisposed to such effects. Antibacterial soaps and special lotions can be used to combat acne.

When does Testosterone Cypionate start to work?

It takes a few hours to accumulate a certain amount of Cypionate in the blood. The recommended dose is usually 250-500 mg per week. The minimum amount of the product should be taken by beginners in sports to maintain their own health. The dosage of 750 mg is the limit and requires regular monitoring of the athlete.

How to use?

Testosterone Cypionate combines perfectly with all other anabolic steroids, creating synergies and ensuring serious results.

Testosterone Cypionate aromatizes, which is a preposition for the appearance of side effects associated with high estrogen levels, such as increased water retention and gynecomastia. In this regard, the use of an aromatase inhibitor, such as Arimidex, is recommended.

Testosterone Cypionate is dosed in the range of 250-500 mg / week, and the dosage depends entirely on the experience and goals. We do not recommend high doses from beginners or without an aromatase inhibitor.

Due to the slow effect of this steroid, its use is recommended for a period of 12 weeks.

How is Testosterone Cypionate injected?

The best way is to inject it into the gluteal muscle. Athletes should not forget the importance of changing the place of the injections to avoid the pain syndrome. It is necessary to put the injections once a week, which keeps the concentration of the active substance high enough.

Is it legal to buy Testosterone online?

If you have a prescription, then it's 100% legal to purchase testosterone online. Anabolic steroids like Cypionate and Enanthate are prescribed when you have low testosterone levels, and you need testosterone replacement therapy.

All injectable steroids are prescription medications and they are controlled substances.

Testosterone Cypionate customer reviews

Buying steroids is a process where you need to rely not only on your own feelings, but also on the recommendations of specialists. You can take into account the experience of colleagues in the gym and more experienced athletes who have had time to experience the effects of a particular steroid.

On our website you can read reviews about injectable steroids like Depo-Testosterone and decide whether this product is worth buying.

Where to buy?

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It can be easily purchased without a prescription here.

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