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The active substance trenbolone

Trenbolone is an anabolic steroid that is one of the most powerful on the modern sports pharmacology market. The steroid belongs to the category of universal medications that can be used not only to accelerate the recruitment of muscle mass, but also to increase strength, endurance, and create an attractive muscle relief.

The substance first appeared in 1960, and scientists discovered three different forms of the product, including:

- Tren acetate

- Tren enanthate

- Tren hexahydrobenzylcarbonate

Trenbolone acetate is considered the original version of the product that is most commonly used. The product was originally used in veterinary medicine. Soon after its invention, scientists created hexahydrobenzyl carbonate, better known as Parabolan.

Today, anyone can buy trenbolone acetate, enanthate or mix, and the demand for these medications is very high due to their unique properties.

Tren is a modified version of nandrolone, another popular steroid. The main difference is the addition of a double carbon bond. Because of this, the product does not aromatize when it enters the body, reducing the likelihood of estrogenic side effects. The bond between 11 and 12 carbons increases the connection with androgen receptors. The substance is well absorbed, so the desired results are achieved relatively quickly.

Due to the high level of androgenic activity, the medicine belongs to the category of the most powerful anabolic steroids on the market today. However, its use should be monitored by specialists.

How the product is presented online

In the catalogs of online marketplaces, the product is offered under the following names:

- Trenbolone Acetate

- Tren Enanthate

- Trenbolone Mix

- Parabolan (Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate)

The main difference between the preparations is the form of the active ingredient used as well as its concentration. The final choice depends on the dosage prescribed by the specialist and the duration of use.

Steroid profile of trenbolone

A course of trenbolone is rightly considered one of the most effective options for gaining muscle, creating an attractive muscle relief. High results are also observed when the substance is used as a strength booster.

The anabolic activity of the product is 500% of testosterone, while the androgenic activity is only 25%. A great advantage is the absence of conversion into estrogens, so athletes do not face such negative consequences as gynecomastia, excessive swelling, causing a sharp increase in blood pressure.

The steroid has moderate to mild toxicity to the liver and has no effect on kidney function. To achieve maximum effect, you need to know exactly how to inject trenbolone. The injections are injected very deep into the muscle - this is necessary for proper absorption of the active components.

After the injection, the product affects the body for 48-72 hours, so Tren is injected several times a week. In anti-doping tests, the substance is detected within five months after the last injection. This factor should be taken into account when preparing for competitions.

Pharmacological effects of trenbolone

Regardless of the form of trenbolone, its composition contains 19-nortestosterone. This feature places the substance in the category of anabolic steroids, which also includes nandrolone. The presence of double bonds in 9 and 11 carbons provides a decrease in the metabolic rate of the hormone, balances aromatization and increases the degree of connection with androgen receptors several times.

Such a seemingly simple change in atomic structure has allowed scientists to create one of the most powerful medicines among injectable steroids available today.

What are the results of using trenbolone hormone

- Significant acceleration of the process of building muscle mass and muscle gains.

This factor is directly related to the rate of protein synthesis - the main building material for muscles.

- Increased retention of nitrogen in the tissues.

This increases the anabolic and reduces the catabolic effect of the supplement. This is due to the fact that all muscles consist of 16% nitrogen.

- There is no aromatization (conversion of male to female sex hormones). Thus, the manufacturers have completely eliminated the possibility of side effects such as water retention in the tissues and gynecomastia.

This makes Tren excellent for athletes who want to increase muscle mass and create a pronounced muscle relief.

- Suppression of cortisol synthesis.

The athlete begins to cope with daily loads more easily and is less tired.

- Increase in the concentration of insulin-like growth factor in the blood.

This substance is naturally produced in the human body, but its physiological amount is often insufficient to achieve high performance in major sports. Increased production not only ensures muscle growth, but also has a positive effect on tendons and ligaments and reduces the risk of sports injuries.

- Significant increase in the concentration of red blood cells in the blood.

This allows oxygen to be transported more quickly to internal organs and tissues, resulting in improved muscle endurance and visibly accelerated recovery.

The most important condition for achieving significant results is the correct use of anabolic steroids. Before you start taking it, be sure to clarify with a specialist how you should take trenbolone in your particular case. The dosage is always chosen individually, as it depends on the individual characteristics of the body - height, weight, body constitution, previous experience of taking steroids, the state of the hormonal background, the presence of contraindications.

During the steroid cycle it is important to pay attention to nutrition and not to skip workouts. It is important to monitor the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates in the diet, not to allow a deficit in any of the parameters.

Dosage and combined courses of administration

This steroid is considered one of the best means to create an attractive muscle relief and gain muscle mass quickly.

The anabolic activity of trenbolone acetate from testosterone is 500%, and the androgenic activity is 25%. There is no conversion to estrogens, so athletes are protected from excessive swelling, gynecomastia, and blood pressure spikes.

The substance is administered by injection. One ampoule is sufficient for 72 hours, after which the medicine must be reintroduced into the body. The steroid can be detected in doping tests for five months after the last injection. The product is administered 30 minutes before a sports event or normal training. The maximum duration of the course is 7 weeks. Exceeding the dosage is not recommended.

Different forms of the medicine are used in different doses:

1. trenbolone acetate course is recommended for men only. The average daily dose is 50 mg. If injected every other day - 100 mg. The duration of the course is about 4 weeks. To increase the effect of trenbolone, it is mixed with winstrol, turinabol, anavar, testosterone ester. It is undesirable to combine with ephedrine, clenbuterol.

2. tren enanthate is taken for up to 6 weeks (without the use of gonadotropin). The dosage for an athlete who already has a "steroid" experience is about 300 mg. Injections are administered once or twice a week.

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Anabolic varieties and their properties

Trenbolone is not available in its pure form. In our store you can buy its derivatives:

1. trenbolone acetate will come in handy for those athletes whose goal is to lose fat. In addition, this form is perfectly increasing strength and endurance. Acetate belongs to the short esters, which explains its rapid effect on the body. The steroid is excreted just as quickly. Experienced bodybuilders make 3-4 injections per week, for beginners the dosage should be lower.

2. trenbolone enanthate is worth buying for active muscle growth. This product has a long-term effect on the body, so it needs to be injected much less often. It is enough 1-2 injections per week.

3. trenbolone hexahydrobenzylcarbonate (parabolan or hexabolan) gives a combined universal effect: strength, activation of muscle growth and fat loss. Parabolan injections are often given to prepare before competitions.

The main advantages

Many people want to buy Tren, which is explained by the large number of positive properties of the steroid:

1. effective burning fat.

2. improvement of endurance performance and strength.

3. beautiful, sculpted muscles by eliminating excess fluid from the body.

4. fast and qualitative muscle growth (about 8-10 kg during one course).

5. reduction in the amount of the stress hormone cortisol.

To achieve visible and safe results, you should follow the dosage approved by your doctor. Before starting the course, it is recommended to undergo a complete examination to exclude the presence of health problems.

Possible side effects

The steroid is very strong, so you should treat its intake with extreme caution. In case of overdose, individual intolerance or other reasons, side effects may occur. The most important of them are:

- Coughing is more frequent, which is due to bronchospasm after taking the steroid;

- Insomnia;

- Decreased sex drive;

- Increased blood pressure;

- Hair loss;

- Liver failure;

- skin rashes.

Before starting the course it is necessary to consult a doctor, as well as be tested for prolactin, estradiol.

Contraindications to the use of trenbolone

You should not be reckless when taking an anabolic steroid. An overdose of active components, lack of regularity in use, exceeding the recommended duration of use, improper injection - these factors can negatively affect the overall health and provoke unintended consequences.

Another important point is whether the athlete has contraindications that can lead to side effects of trenbolone. Risk areas include:

- Young athletes under the age of 21;

- Older athletes;

- Persons with individual intolerances to individual components of the composition of the product;

- Patients diagnosed with a malignant tumor.

It is better to refuse to use Tren in the period of exacerbation of chronic diseases. The substance is recommended to be used with special caution by bodybuilders with cardiovascular diseases, as well as those with a history of kidney and liver diseases.

The high androgenic activity (500% of testosterone) is the main indicator that women should better refuse to buy trenbolone. The product can cause severe virilization symptoms in women, such as coarsening of voice, stimulation of male body hair growth, alopecia (baldness), deformities of genitals and reduction of breast size. With prolonged use, the substance can cause a complete absence of the menstrual cycle, leading to infertility in women.

Trenbolone reviews

Buying steroids is a process where you need to rely not only on your own feeling, but also on the recommendations of specialists. You can take into account the experience of colleagues in the gym - more experienced athletes who have had time to experience the effects of a particular steroid.

On our website you can read reviews about trenbolone and decide whether this product is worth buying.

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