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Human Growth Hormone - It is scientifically proven that somatotropin or growth hormone levels decrease with age. The decline continues until the age of 25, after which it may even stop. HGH is used for various purposes: slowing the aging process, rejuvenation, building lean and dry muscle mass, burning subcutaneous fat. HGH is used by all world famous and national movie stars, singers, TV presenters and generally rich people. However, it is already a myth that growth hormone is too expensive and inaccessible. There are already many good products available on the market.

Human growth hormone is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland that plays a key role in human growth and development. It is responsible for regulating the body's growth and repair processes, as well as metabolism and other functions. HGH is produced naturally in the body and is necessary for normal growth and development 

In men and women, HGH plays a role in the development of muscles, bones and other tissues. It also contributes to the regulation of metabolism and other body functions.

There are also synthetic versions of Human Growth Hormone that are sometimes used for medical purposes, such as treating growth hormone deficiency in children or adults. However, it is also used for non-medical purposes, such as improving athletic performance or promoting weight loss.

HGH can lead to increased muscle mass and strength, as well as improved bone density and skin elasticity.

What are the benefits of injecting Somatotropin:

- Stopping the biological clock (stopping the aging process)

- Restoration of hair growth, color and vitality (stimulation of natural pigmentation)

- Smoothing and removal of wrinkles from the face and body

- Tightening of muscles and - with appropriate training and diet - increase of lean muscle mass

- Normalization of the blood sugar level

- Strengthening of the immune system

- Increase of energy level, faster and easier sleep

- Significant improvement and positive influence on the sexual life

- Sleep quality and better recovery during sleep

- Improved memory

- A positive change in mood, vision and appearance

Effect after using the product

The effect, according to users after subcutaneous injection, is immediate - muscles harden, the body becomes toned and a feeling of being charged with functional performance and strength forces. The body produces the highest amounts of the human hormone Somatropin at night, more precisely in the hours between 23:00 and 2:00. For this reason, the hormone is injected in the morning so that the natural production during the night can be used, if available.

Quality guarantee

At VERMODJE we guarantee the products we offer, their quality and the high precision of their storage. 

Somatropin comes in the form of a dry solution and separate bacteriostatic water for its dissolution. When the hormone is not dissolved, it is much more stable, which allows it not to stay in the refrigerator and it is not a problem to travel from us to you for one or more days. 

However, we recommend, if possible, to keep the hormone in the refrigerator as long as possible before it is dissolved, and always in the refrigerator after it is dissolved. The hormones you find in VERMODJE are stored in refrigerated conditions and according to all requirements, which guarantees that the product will reach you in its original form and with its full potential.


Is HGH a steroid?

No, human growth hormone is not a steroid. It is a hormone produced naturally in the body that plays a key role in growth and development. Synthetic versions of HGH are also available and are sometimes used to treat growth hormone deficiency in children or adults.

Steroids are a class of medicines that are synthetic versions of hormones produced naturally in the body. They are often used for medical purposes, such as treating inflammation or suppressing the immune system. Some steroids, such as testosterone, are also used for non-medical purposes, such as improving athletic performance or building muscle mass 

Is Human Growth Hormone legal?

Yes, human growth hormone is a prescription medicines used for medical purposes, such as treating growth hormone deficiency in children or adults. It is legal to use it for these medical purposes if it is prescribed by a doctor and used in accordance with guidelines for proper dosing and administration.

Somatropin effects on the face

Some people believe that taking HGH can lead to changes in the appearance of the face, such as improved skin elasticity and a reduction in wrinkles. 

Does Somatropin make you taller? 

When it is used for medical purposes, such as treating growth hormone deficiency in children, it can lead to improved physical development and growth. HGH can help children with growth hormone deficiency grow taller and reach their full growth potential.

In adults, it may have some effects on muscle mass and strength, as well as bone density and skin elasticity, but it is not likely to increase height.

What is the price? 

The cost of HGH can vary depending on the brand, dosage and duration of treatment.

The price ranges from 120 EUR/USD to 300 EUR/USD per pack.

Where to buy?

It can be bought in pharmacies with a prescription, or you can buy it online directly on our website.

How to increase Human Growth Hormone naturally?

HGH levels naturally decrease with age, and some people believe that increasing HGH levels can have several health benefits.

There are several ways to increase HGH levels naturally:

- Exercise: High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and strength training.

- Sleep: Adequate sleep is important for maintaining healthy HGH levels.

- Reduce stress: Chronic stress can interfere with HGH production. So finding ways to manage stress, such as meditation or yoga, can help.

- Diet: A high-protein diet low in sugar and refined carbohydrates can contribute to healthy HGH levels.

- Supplements: Some people believe that supplements such as arginine and lysine can help increase HGH levels, but there is little scientific evidence to support these claims.

It is important to remember that naturally increasing HGH levels may not provide the same benefits as using HGH injections. If you are considering taking Somatropin to treat a condition, be sure to discuss the potential risks and benefits with a doctor.

Evogene (Human Growth Hormone) - 100 IU
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Genotropin Pfizer (Human Growth Hormone) - 36 IU (12 mg) Genotropin Pfizer (Human Growth Hormone) - 36 IU (12 mg)
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In bodybuilding the application of Genotropin is gaining more and more popularity.Pfizer's Genotropin is administered either in the morning right after waking up from sleep, or in the evening before going to bed.It is important to take absolutely no food one hour before or after the injection.It is ..
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HGH Aviva Pharmaceuticals – 40 UI HGH Aviva Pharmaceuticals – 40 UI
Model: Human Growth Hormone
Trade Name: HGH AVIVAActive Ingredient: Human Growth HormoneManufacturer: Aviva PharmaceuticalsSteroid Type: InjectablePackage Contains: 40 UI / 13.4 mg100% Original Product..
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Trade Name: Humalog Mix25 Active Ingredient: Insulin lisproManufacturer: ELI LILLYType: InjectablePackage Contains: 5 PENS x 300 IU100% Original Product..
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Brand: Lilly Model: Human Growth Hormone
Humatrope: The growth hormone Humatrope is one of the preparations that is increasingly being talked about. Years ago it was a preparation inaccessible to people involved in fitness. Due to a number of factors, it is now available to a wide audience worldwide.- How to use Humatrope:Humatrope growth ..
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Brand: Lilly Model: HGH
Trade Name: Humatrope HGH - 18 IU (6 mg)Active Ingredient: Human Growth HormoneManufacturer: LillySteroid Type: InjectablePackage Contains: 18 IU (6 mg)100% Original Product..
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Trade Name: Norditropin NordiFlex - PEN - 45 IU (15 mg)Active Ingredient: Human Growth HormoneManufacturer: Novo NordiskSteroid Type: InjectablePackage Contains: 45 IU (15 mg)100% Original Product..
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Omnitrope HGH 45 IU (15 mg / 1,5 ml cartridge)
Model: HGH
Trade Name: OmnitropeActive Ingredient: Human Growth HormoneManufacturer: SandozSteroid Type: InjectablePackage Contains: 45 IU (15 mg / 1,5 ml cartridge)100% Original Product..
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Model: HGH
Trade Name: SaizenActive Ingredient: Human Growth HormoneManufacturer: MerckSteroid Type: InjectablePackage Contains: 36 IU (12 mg / 1,5 ml cartridge)100% Original Product..
180 €
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