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Buy Humatrope Lilly® (HGH) - 72 IU - 100% Original & Top Price

Humatrope Lilly (HGH) - 72 IU
Humatrope Lilly (HGH) - 72 IU
Humatrope Lilly (HGH) - 72 IU
Humatrope Lilly (HGH) - 72 IU
Buy Humatrope Lilly® (HGH) - 72 IU - 100% Original & Top Price
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  • Model: Human Growth Hormone

Buy Humatrope Lilly® (HGH) - 72 IU - 100% Original & Top Price

Humatrope: The growth hormone Humatrope is one of the preparations that is increasingly being talked about. Years ago it was a preparation inaccessible to people involved in fitness. Due to a number of factors, it is now available to a wide audience worldwide.

- How to use Humatrope:

Humatrope growth hormone can be taken once daily. Preferably in the morning before breakfast or at night before bed on an empty stomach. Mornings when you are in a state of low insulin activity is the best time to get a better growth hormone effect. At night, you can take advantage of natural processes during sleep. This way you will successfully clear subcutaneous fat and gain more and visually visible muscles.

Bodybuilders give themselves injections of growth hormone in problem areas to get rid of fat there. For example, some guys get an injection in their lower back before a competition to get a cleanse in that area. You can get local injections almost anywhere on the body. If guys inject themselves with more than 6IU daily, spread that dose out into three times a day. However, some of the world's top bodybuilders take 15IU daily before a competition to really accelerate fat burning.

Some bodybuilders use 3IU daily, others 8IU. But since HGH (growth hormone) causes an insulin response state, anything over 8IU is contraindicated for a healthy body. Follow the instructions of your trainer, consultant or medical professional. Your health is most important in order to have athletic success. 

- How to inject?

It is usually injected 5 cm under the skin. Many people only have one dose because they are afraid of needles. However, most of the bodybuilders are braver and inject themselves with growth hormone twice a day. This is the better way to achieve higher results.

Humatrope is 72 units of 24mg of human growth hormone. The fillers also contain the ingredients mannitol, glycine and dibasic sodium phosphate. Each cartridge also contains a syringe of 3.15ml sterile solvent containing m-cresol, distilled water and glycerol.

- Warnings for use of Humatrope:

Never use your growth hormone pen for other medicinal substances. The syringes are sterile and are intended for your single dose only. Dispose of the waste safely and keep it away from children and adolescents.

- Humatrope Ingredients:

Growth hormone is a protein hormone produced in a laboratory. It has the same properties and structure as the growth hormone that is produced in the human body. This makes it very suitable for use by strength athletes and sportsmen, including bodybuilders.

Humatrope, or somatropin, is used for therapeutic purposes in adults who had growth hormone deficiency in childhood or as a result of other causes.

Store Humatrope in the refrigerator at a temperature of 2 to 8C. Do not expose it to sun and heat. Do not freeze it. Observe the expiry date.

Growth hormone Humatrope should not be used by pregnant women, nursing mothers, people allergic to any of the ingredients, and last but not least - not to be used without a doctor's prescription or advice from a specialist. It is best to notify your personal physician if you plan to take this growth hormone. Supervision by a medical professional is always advisable.

Trade Name: 


Active Ingredient: 

Human Growth Hormone



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Package Contains: 

72 IU / 24mg

100% Original Product

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