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Methandienone, better known as Methane or Dbol, is one of the most popular oral steroids. In the commercial network the preparation is sold under different names, but the most famous is Dianabol. He is quite famous among bodybuilders and professional athletes. This anabolic preparation came into use for bodybuilding purposes in the 50s of last century. Dbol is an anabolic steroid used by bodybuilders for many years. It helps increase muscle mass, size, strength and fat loss.

Methandienone lowers estrogen levels to allow more testosterone hormones to be available to the body. It stimulates protein synthesis, enhances muscle growth and ensures increased nitrogen retention in the body. This anabolic steroid is taken in tablets, which will save you from painful injections. Taking this preparation increases muscle strength and endurance. It does not allow a person to feel tired or dizzy, improving levels of sports activity. Dbol recipients perform intense and long workouts, gain muscle mass and clear fat.

Intake and effects of Dianabol

For most people, the difference before and after a cycle with Dianabol is weight gain of 10 pounds within a few weeks. This is one of the reasons it is considered one of the best steroids for muscle mass. People who take Methandienone gain weight quickly. The majority of people who use it strive to significantly improve their strength in a short period of time. It is used to help build huge amounts of muscle tissue. Few oral anabolic steroids achieve such remarkable effects:

— Improved shape and size, long-lasting effect. Your body looks more powerful and strong.

— Greater energy and ability for long workouts. It also allows a person to lift weights much more easily.

— The body becomes a powerful machine during training, and strength and endurance increase.

— The body represents the ability to stay focused while training. Mental focus during training is a key factor in achieving goals.

— Metabolism increases. Intense fat burning begins.

Dosage of Dianabol

Dianabol is available in both injectable steroid and tablet form. The drug is most common in oral form, which has a short half-life in the body of 3-5 hours. Do not take the daily dose at once. Professionals recommend dividing the daily doses into 2-3 doses during the day. Dianabol tablets should be taken with food. The dose of Methandienone depends on the person's size, gender, training routine and other health elements.

The standard initial cycle with Dianabol starts at 15 milligrams daily for 4 to 6 weeks. Duration is not recommended lasting more than 6 weeks due to the toxic effect of the drug on the liver. Doses are usually increased to 20-25 milligrams, up to a maximum of 50 mg. daily.

Cycle with Methandienone

A cycle lasting about 6 weeks, at a dose of 30-40 mg per day can increase muscle mass by 8-10 kg., With subsequent loss of 2 to 5 kg. after the end. This loss can be minimized if the cycle is compiled correctly. The anabolic activity of Methane is 200% more than that of testosterone, and the androgenic is 50% more than the same.

Side effects of Methandienone

Dbol is a 17-alpha alkyd anabolic steroid and therefore increases its toxicity to the liver at high doses. The degree of aromatization also increases, accompanying increased manifestation of side effects:

— Water retention: You may feel bloated as a result of water retention.

— Bad skin: Acne and oiliness are negative reactions that can be observed.

— Hair growth: The product can cause a sharp increase in body and facial hair.

— Liver damage: Dbol tablets are broken down by the liver and this can cause damage if taken for a long time.

— Gynecomastia.

Dianabol HTP (Methandienone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab) Dianabol HTP (Methandienone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)
Brand: HT-Pharm (HTP) Model: Methandienone
Dianabol HTP is a good and strong Methan (Metandienone) for gaining muscle mass. Dianabol HTP is a highly anabolic oral preparation that works very good in a cycle to increase muscle mass and strength.Dianabol is a trade name of the strong anabolic steroid Methandienone, known as Methan in gyms. Dia..
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DB-10 Dianabol AVVA Labs (Methandienone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab) DB-10 Dianabol AVVA Labs (Methandienone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)
Brand: AVVA Labs Model: Methandienone
Trade Name: DB-10 DianabolActive Ingredient: MethandienoneManufacturer: AVVA LabsSteroid Type: OralPackage Contains: 100 tabs x 10 mg100% Original Product..
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Alphabol Alpha Pharma (Methandienone) - 50tabs (10mg/tab)
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Alpha Pharma Alphabol is a quality Methandienone (Methan). Anabolic steroid with good action and effect to increase muscle mass and strength with affordable price.Alphobol is the trade name of the compound Methandenone, known to everyone under the name METHAN, an anabolic steroid with powerful actio..
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Brand: RAW Pharmaceuticals Model: Methandienone
Trade Name: D-BOL RAW PharmaceuticalsActive Ingredient: MethandienoneManufacturer: RAW PharmaceuticalsSteroid Type: OralPackage Contains: 100 tabs x 10 mg100% Original Product..
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Danabol Balkan Pharma (Methandienone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab) Danabol Balkan Pharma (Methandienone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)
Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals Model: Methandienone
Danabol from SC Balkan Pharmaceuticals - is a classic "methan", which has been actively used for more than half a century in strength sports. The product active ingredient is methandrostenolone, a steroid of anabolic and androgenic origin, which can still be found on the free market in some countrie..
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Danamax MAXLab (Methandrostanolone) - 90tabs (10mg/tab) Danamax MAXLab (Methandrostanolone) - 90tabs (10mg/tab)
Brand: MAXLab Model: Methandrostanolone
Danamax is also known in the market as Methandienone, Methan, Dianabol or Methandrostenolone and is a testosterone derived product. It exhibits strong anabolic and androgenic effects. Danamax is a powerful oral steroid.DANAMAX is significantly more active than an equivalent amount of testosterone, r..
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Dbolmax Phoenix Labs (Methandienone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)
Brand: Phoenix Laboratories Model: Methandienone
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Metaxon-10 Malay Tiger (Methandienone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)
Brand: Malay Tiger Model: Methandienone
METAXON-10 Malay Tiger is an anabolic steroid used to rapidly increase muscle mass and strength. It was originally developed for accelerating tissue rehabilitation after burns and increasing muscle tone in dystrophy.A course of Danabol lasting about a month and a half contributes to an increase in m..
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Methandienone (Magnus Pharmaceuticals) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)
Brand: Magnus Pharmaceuticals Model: Methandienone
Methandienone Magnus Pharmaceuticals is a testosterone analog with reduced androgenic activity. It is used in strength sports to increase muscle mass. The active ingredient is Methandienone.- Pharmacological action:The active ingredient Metandienone penetrates into the nuclei of cells, activates met..
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Liv 52 Himalaya (Liver Detox) - 100tabs Liv 52 Himalaya (Liver Detox) - 100tabs
Model: Liver Detox Formula
Trade Name: Liv 52 - Liver Protection (Detox)Active Ingredient: Capparis spinosa - 65 mgAchillea millefilium - 16 mgCichorium intybus - 65 mgCassia occidentalis - 16 mgTamarix gallica - 16 mgTerminalia arjuna - 32 mgMandur bhasma - 33 mgSolanum nigrum - 32 mg Manufacturer: Himala..
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Liver Protection - Carsil Max (Silymarin) Liver Protection - Carsil Max (Silymarin)
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Brand: Sopharma Model: Silymarin
Silymarin is a herbal active ingredient of Carsil obtained from the extract of fruits of milk thistle (Silybum marianum). The product has hepatoprotective and antioxidant effect. Carsil inhibits penetration of toxins into liver cells  and causes physical and chemical stabilization of the cell m..
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Methandienone Bulking/Power Cycle - Beginners
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Model: Methan Cycle
WeekMethandienoneAnastrozoleClomiphene120mg per day------230mg per day0.5mg once every 3 days---340mg per day0.5mg once every 3 days---440mg per day0.5mg once every 3 days---530mg per day0.5mg once every 3 days---620mg per day0.5mg once every 3 days---7------100mg per day8------50mg per dayTotal:126..
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