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Alphabol Alpha Pharma (Methandienone) - 50tabs (10mg/tab)

Alphabol Alpha Pharma (Methandienone) - 50tabs (10mg/tab)
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Alpha Pharma Alphabol is a quality Methandienone (Methan). Anabolic steroid with good action and effect to increase muscle mass and strength with affordable price.

Alphobol is the trade name of the compound Methandenone, known to everyone under the name METHAN, an anabolic steroid with powerful action on protein synthesis. Methan is a widely used anabolic for increasing muscle mass and strength, not only because of the good effect and action it has, but also because of its low price. Metandienone has the effect of rapidly increasing volumes, muscle mass and strength when the fitness trainee has a high caloric intake. The anabolic steroid greatly increases nutrient absorption and protein synthesis /protein/, increases nitrogen balance and retains it. It improves the quality of workouts and creates a good inflation.

-- Metandienone (Alphabol) - effect, action, properties: 

- Active substance: Methandienone, called in jargon - Methan

- Half-life: 7-8 hours

- Detection time in the body: Athletes who are about to be dope tested should know that Methandienone is detectable in the body up to 5-6 weeks after the last pill.

- Effect and Action: Taking it gives a great gain in muscle mass and strength. It increases appetite, protein synthesis and increases red blood cells. Alphabol (Methan) has the tendency to aromatize to some extent. Due to the fact that part of it is converted into estrogen water retention in tissues is also increased. Increased estrogen in moderation is not bad, on the contrary, as a consequence of this estrogen and increased testosterone levels, great muscle mass and strength develop. But when the daily dose is overdone, estrogen levels also rise to levels that can lead to side effects.

- Application: Methan is very suitable for combination in a cycle to increase muscle mass and strength. In medicine it is used for recovery after heavy surgery and weight loss. Due to the property to retain water in tissues, Alphabol is not suitable in a cycle for muscle relief and reduction of subcutaneous fat.

- Combination with other anabolic steroids: It can be successfully combined with almost all anabolic steroids. Keep in mind, however, that Methan is a 17-alpha alkyd anabolic steroid. This means it is difficult for the liver to process, and combining it with other 17-alpha alkylated steroids would be quite toxic to the liver.

- Intake and dosage: The optimal intake of Metandienone is 30-50mg per day, divided into two intakes. Due to the rapid saturation of steroid receptors when using Methan, taking it for more than 5-6 weeks is pointless. At doses above 50mg. per day, the aromatization of Alphabol increases and it is advisable to have one Proviron blister on hand.

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Alpha Pharma

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50 tabs x 10 mg

100% Original Product

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