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First mentioned in 1964 as Oxandrolone, it aims to treat women and children, and its action is not as highly androgenic as with other anabolic steroids.

Harmless due to the fact that it lacks estrogen.

Action of Anavar (Oxandrolone)

It affects the growth of muscle tissue, does not cause water retention and is not converted into estrogen, as we have already specified. Its action cannot be compared with heavy androgens such as testosterone and therefore no great results are observed in muscle growth, so it is rarely used by bodybuilders in a cycle to increase muscle mass.

It dramatically increases strength without gaining weight, which makes it very popular amongst athletes. It has the ability to suppress hunger during low-carbohydrate diets, whilst stimulating fat burning. Due to its anabolic action, the preparation will increase your muscle mass, which, however, will be at the expense of burned fat, which makes it an extremely preferred product by professional athletes and amateurs.


The intake of the preparation is between 40 to 80 milligrams per day. It is best to divide the daily dose 3 times at regular intervals of 8 hours because there is a rapid half-life. Oxandrolone is often combined with other anabolic steroids such as Winstrol and Primobolan for better results. For muscle mass, the combination of Anavar with Testosterone is recommended.

Oxandrolone does not suppress its own testosterone production. It is very successfully used by women due to the lack of highly androgenic side effects.

Women can safely take 10 mg a day without the risk of side effects.

Although this preparation is 17-alpha alkyd, it has no side effects. In clinical trials, all Anavar recipients showed no evidence of elevations in liver enzymes.


Anavar (Oxandrolone) is an oral anabolic steroid that gives strength, burns fat, turning it into muscle mass without causing side effects. This makes it ideal for professional athletes in judo, sambo, wrestling and others, as well as for bodybuilding and fitness enthusiasts.

Anavar HTP (Oxandrolone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab) Anavar HTP (Oxandrolone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)
Brand: HT-Pharm (HTP) Model: Oxandrolone
Anavar HTP is a quality Oxandrolone that we have researched and we can 100% guarantee the quality of the product. Anavar HTP is highly effective when used for building muscle relief, fat reduction or lean muscle mass. It is a mild preparation, so men and women will not notice any side effects.ANAVAR..
68 €
AV-10 Anavar AVVA Labs (Oxandrolone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab) AV-10 Anavar AVVA Labs (Oxandrolone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)
Brand: AVVA Labs Model: Oxandrolone
Trade Name: AV-10 Anavar Active Ingredient: OxandroloneManufacturer: AVVA LabsSteroid Type: OralPackage Contains: 100 tabs x 10 mg100% Original Product..
59 €
Anamax Phoenix Labs (Oxandrolone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)
Brand: Phoenix Laboratories Model: Oxandrolone
Trade Name: AnamaxActive Ingredient: OxandroloneManufacturer: Phoenix LaboratoriesSteroid Type: OralPackage Contains: 100 tabs x 10 mg100% Original Product..
57 €
Brand: MAXLab Model: Oxandrolone
Oxamax (Oxandrolone) from MAXLab or also known as Anavar is highly anabolic and low androgenic. It causes a significant increase in protein synthesis and improves nitrogen balance. It does not aromatize, has no estrogen related side effects, does not retain water and does not cause gynecomastia. Doe..
85 €
Oxanabol Alpha Pharma (Oxandrolone) - 50tabs (10mg/tab)
Brand: Alpha Pharma Model: Oxandrolone
Oxanabol 50 tablets of 10 mg is one of the most effective and safe steroids for oral use. Originally was designed to be taken by children and women, but today it is widely used by bodybuilders and powerlifters. This anabolic helps to increase physical endurance and actively burns subcutaneous fat ce..
58 €
Oxandrolon Balkan Pharma (Oxandrolone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)
Brand: Balkan Pharmaceuticals Model: Oxandrolone
Oxandrolon from Balkan Pharmaceuticals is the most harmless anabolic agent available today and is therefore often used by women. Oxandrolon was developed to treat HIV patients, patients with anemia and Turner syndrome. It was also used to repair skin after burns and strengthen bones. Oxandrolon is a..
64 €
Oxandrolone (Magnus Pharmaceuticals) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)
Brand: Magnus Pharmaceuticals Model: Oxandrolone
Oxandrolone was first developed in the U.S. in 1964 and had the trade name "Anavar" manufactured by the pharmaceutical company Searle. The product is considered a mild anabolic in terms of its effect on the body, which is distinguished by a weak androgenic property. Oxandrolone from Magnus Pharmaceu..
59 €
Oxandrolone Cutting Cycle - Beginners
-10 %
Model: Oxandrolone / Tamoxifen
WeekOxandroloneTamoxifen130mg per day---250mg per day---360mg per day---460mg per day---560mg per day---650mg per day---730mg per day---8---20mg per day9---10mg per dayTotal:238 * 10mg (3 box)21 * 10mg (1 box)..
190 € 211 €
Xanodrol Malay Tiger (Oxandrolone) - 100tabs (5mg/tab)
Brand: Malay Tiger Model: Oxandrolone
Malay Tiger Anavar under the name Xanodrol, is an anabolic steroid with Oxandrolone as the active ingredient. It is a quality Anavar effective for improving muscle relief and reducing fat.Xanodrol from Malay Tiger is the safest anabolic that does not exhibit side effects and can be safely used by bo..
64 €
Liv 52 Himalaya (Liver Detox) - 100tabs Liv 52 Himalaya (Liver Detox) - 100tabs
Model: Liver Detox Formula
Trade Name: Liv 52 - Liver Protection (Detox)Active Ingredient: Capparis spinosa - 65 mgAchillea millefilium - 16 mgCichorium intybus - 65 mgCassia occidentalis - 16 mgTamarix gallica - 16 mgTerminalia arjuna - 32 mgMandur bhasma - 33 mgSolanum nigrum - 32 mg Manufacturer: Himala..
16 €
Liver Protection - Carsil Max (Silymarin) Liver Protection - Carsil Max (Silymarin)
Hot -14 %
Brand: Sopharma Model: Silymarin
Silymarin is a herbal active ingredient of Carsil obtained from the extract of fruits of milk thistle (Silybum marianum). The product has hepatoprotective and antioxidant effect. Carsil inhibits penetration of toxins into liver cells  and causes physical and chemical stabilization of the cell m..
19 € 22 €
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