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Xanodrol Malay Tiger (Oxandrolone) - 100tabs (5mg/tab)

Xanodrol Malay Tiger (Oxandrolone)
Xanodrol Malay Tiger (Oxandrolone) - 100tabs (5mg/tab)
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Malay Tiger Anavar under the name Xanodrol, is an anabolic steroid with Oxandrolone as the active ingredient. It is a quality Anavar effective for improving muscle relief and reducing fat.

Xanodrol from Malay Tiger is the safest anabolic that does not exhibit side effects and can be safely used by both men and women.

Xanodrol is an anabolic steroid with active substanse Oxandrolone, known around the gyms as Anavar. It is the most mild and harmless anabolic used by athletes to improve muscle definition, reduce fat and increase lean muscle mass and strength.

Xanodrol from Malay Tiger is derived from dihydrotestosterone and is designed to have great anabolic action and weak androgenic and progesterone activity. Oxandrolone is a fairly mild compound compared to other oral steroids. The preparation was developed to promote the building of lean and quality muscle mass without significant side effects. If you compare 1 milligram of Anavar and 1 milligram of Testosterone, you will see that Anavar is six times more anabolic than Testosterone, and much less androgenic than it. Therefore, it is one of the favorite preparations among men and women who wish to achieve a fat-free physique or improve their athletic performance.

Xanadrol from Malay Tiger is unable to interact with the aromatase enzyme and therefore no aromatization to estrogen can occur. Its inability to aromatize into estrogen translates into a complete elimination of the possibility of any and all estrogenic and estrogen-related side effects. Oxandrolone is alkylated at the 17th carbon atom of its steroid structure in order to bypass liver metabolism and reach the bloodstream to perform its job. Unfortunately, C17-alpha alkylation of oral anabolic steroids is known to have some liver toxicity, but with Oxandrolone these rates are significantly lower than with most other C17-alpha alkylated oral anabolic steroids.

- Administration and Dosage:

Normal dosage for medical purposes are 10 to 30 mg per day. But for athletes, bodybuilders and fitness trainees, an optimal dosage is 40 - 60 mg per day. The period for intake is about 6 -8 weeks, but Anavar is often taken for a longer time because of its mild toxicity. Anavar for women is taken at 10 - 15 mg per day. Taking a similar dose would not cause signs of virilization. 

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Malay Tiger

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100 tabs x 5 mg

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