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Buy Tamoxifen Sopharma - Top Price from Trusted Source

Tamoxifen (Sopharma) - 30 tabs (10mg/tab)
Buy Tamoxifen Sopharma - Top Price from Trusted Source
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Buy Tamoxifen Sopharma - Top Price from Trusted Source

For what tamoxifen is used for (for what men use it, for what women use it)?

In most of the women who are suffering from breast cancer, hormonal activity is needed in order to aid the growth of cancer cells. That is why, the more the estrogen in the body, the greater would be the spread of the cancer cells. In order to avoid this, tamoxifen is prescribed.

Till date, there have been very few cases of men suffering from breast cancer. However, when they do suffer from breast cancer, tamoxifen is again prescribed to men in order to ensure that the presence of estrogen in the body significantly reduced so that breast cancer cannot spread easily.

Among men, Tamoxifen is also very popular among the community of body builders or professional athletes who opt for strength training.

Tamoxifen can help bodybuilders avoid some of the side effects of steroids. In the bodybuilding community, it is used in the form of tamoxifen citrate.

In order to opt for strength training, men often rely on steroids to achieve quicker results. However, along with quicker results, it also results in an increased level of estrogen due to a sudden decrease in androgens. We would go into more details of this below.

Due to the accumulation of estrogen in the body, a person can suffer from a wide variety of problems like:

- Gynecomastia

- High water retention in the muscles

Both of these problems can prove to be detrimental to your health in the longer term.

Gynecomastia can result in the abnormal enlarging of the chest tissue and during the post steroid cycle. This enlargement is also known as man boobs. This is one of the main side effects of steroids.

Since Tamoxifen would be cutting down the access of estrogen to the chest tissue, you can be sure that the enlarging of the chest tissue would also be prevented to a certain extent.

Most of the bodybuilders use steroids in order to ensure that they are able to build their body in a short frame of time and in order to keep the side effects at bay, they use Tamoxifen.

The main change which happens in our body when we take steroids is that the androgens in our body would be going down. In order to compensate for this, the body produces an increased amount of estrogen which would then result in enlarging of the chest tissue.

Due to this very reason, Tamoxifen is pretty popular among the bodybuilding community in order to avoid the enlargement of the chest tissue.

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Tamoxifen Sopharma

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30 tabs x 10 mg

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