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Anavar HTP (Oxandrolone) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)

Anavar HTP is a quality Oxandrolone that we have researched and we can 100% guarantee the quality of the product. Anavar HTP is highly effective when used for building muscle relief, fat reduction or lean muscle mass. It is a mild preparation, so men and women will not notice any side effects.

ANAVAR HTP has an active substance Oxandrolone, known around gyms as Anavar. It is the mildest and safest anabolic steroid used by male and female exercisers to burn fat or gain lean muscle mass. Although Anavar is 17-alpha alkylated, it does not cause liver toxicity.

It is safe and highly effective for improving muscle definition or for gaining quality muscle and increasing strength. Combined with a good low carbohydrate diet it has the ability to mildly suppress hunger.

Anavar does not aromatize and does not convert to estrogen. It is highly anabolic, but weakly androgenic, which is why it doesn't cause much mass gain. There is not as much water retention with this steroid as with strong androgens. It gives strength, aids in fat burning and helps in better muscle relief. With its use, muscle growth is slow but qualitative. The muscles gained are retained for a long time after stopping it.  A characteristic feature of this preparation is that the muscles do not get hard but remain plastic enough, which is an advantage for greater endurance. It is used by athletes who seek to increase their strength and endurance without gaining weight, such as wrestlers, sprinters, cyclists, etc. It is preferred by female bodybuilders because it does not cause virilization and gives good results.

- Intake and dosage:

The working dose of Anavar is from 40 mg. It is alkylated but not toxic to the liver, so combining it with other oral preparations is not a problem. For women, intake should not exceed 15-20 mg per day.

Anavar is rarely taken alone, it is often combined with other anabolic steroids to enhance the effect and better the end result. Its use by fitness trainers is most often associated with a reduction in subcutaneous fat and achieving good muscle relief. For these purposes, Anavar works well in combination with Winstrol, Masteron, Primobolan or Parabolan. With such combinations, amazing results can be expected.

Side effects with Oxandrolone intake cannot be expected. It is the mildest and safest anabolic steroid.

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HT-Pharm (HTP)

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100 tabs x 10 mg

100% Original Product

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