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Stromba HTP (Stanozolol) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)

Stromba from pharmaceutical company High Technological Pharmaceuticals (HTP) is a form of oral stanozolol and is an effective steroid with high anabolic properties and low androgen activity.

The product can be used effectively in athletic practice and in sports such as athletics or bodybuilding to improve performance for energy, endurance, fat burning and muscle mass gain.

Stromba is in tablets of 10 mg. Manufacturer is High Technological Pharmaceuticals (HT-Pharm).

The products of this company are highly demanded in the market by sportsmen and athletes.

The active ingredient is Stanozolol. This preparation was developed in the mid-20th century (in 1962) by Winthrop Laboratories and is claimed to be for therapeutic use. 

Note that structurally Stromba is a derivative of dehydrotestosterone modified to increase anabolic properties and decrease androgenic properties. 

Its anabolic activity is 320 percent while at the same time only 30 percent endogenous testosterone.

Stanozolol have helped many, proper intake, combined with proper training and nutrition, can lead to significant improvements in an athlete's physical form:

- Increased level of training process (explosive strength)

- Significant increase in endurance

- Improvement in muscle quality (rapid recovery)

- Great effect on fat burning

- Removal of excess fluids from the body

- Increased appetite

It is important to note that the action of Stromba of High Technological Pharmaceuticals (HTP) is fast enough.

It is usually felt almost as soon as a cycle is started, and by the end gives a significant improvement. However, the anabolic effect is for a long time. The activity of the steroid is about 8 hours after the last intake. Therefore, to achieve the desired effect it is recommended to take it on a daily basis.

The recommended dosage for men of stanozolol tablets is 20-50 mg per day (respectively 2-5 tablets per day). Taking of the product should be daily, because it has a very small half-life - 8 hours. Also note that cycles with Stanozolol last on average about six full weeks.

Typically, athletes combine Stromba with other anabolic steroids, from various testosterone esters to trenbolone. This is done to get the best results from the cycle.

Exactly what steroids to combine with this preparation? 

It all depends on your experience, financial capabilities and of course your goal.

Basically, intake with trenbolone is suitable for experienced athletes.

The dosing principle can be chosen as follows:

- Trenbolone - 200 mg per week (5 weeks)

- Stanozolol - 40 mg per day (6 weeks)

Example post-cycle therapy:

- 40 mg Tamoxifen per day for 7-9 weeks. It is also recommended to take Tribestan.

A cycle of Stromba + Trenbolone acetate + Testosterone propionate for about 6 weeks will give you good results in terms of increased strength, endurance and fat burning.

The intake of these steroids can be:

- 75 mg Trenbolone acetate per week

- 100 mg Testosterone propionate per day

- 40 mg Stanozolol per day

Trade Name: 

Stromba HTP

Active Ingredient: 



HT-Pharm (HTP)

Steroid Type: 


Package Contains: 

100 tabs x 10 mg

100% Original Product

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