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Ripped-250 Malay Tiger (Test Prop + Mast + Tren A) - 10amps (250mg/ml)

Ripped-250 is one of the most effective products on the market, combining three extremely powerful substances into one that will strengthen and compact your muscles while also improving external muscle relief. In addition, it also aids in fat burning which further demonstrates the power of this product. It is often popular among bodybuilders who are in pre-season training or those athletes who need to lose a small portion of their physique without losing strength. This is why it is one of the most commonly preferred products on the market and considered a unique product. As mentioned above, Ripped-250 is a combination of three products, each of them effective on their own, but in combination, the effect is like never before.

The first of these is Testosterone Propionate, which boasts a slower release rate than testosterone alone, but at a faster rate than other possible Testosterone esters. On the market, it is considered one of the safest anabolic steroids. It aims to aid in your muscle volume and mass, strength and endurance during training and the ability to handle a much heavier workload than before. This hormone is closely linked to your sex drive, red blood cell production, sperm production, and more.

The second is our familiar Drostanolone Propionate, which is characterized by a mild anabolic and androgenic effect, but is still considered extremely effective compared to other propionates and between 3 and 5 times more potent than Testosterone. Aims to aid muscle hardness and density, with muscle mass gain and strength during workouts being moderate. It strongly supports protein synthesis and does not convert to estrogen, which means you won't retain extra water on it. It doesn't severely hamper the liver and except in severe overdose, there are no strong side effects. It is also characterized by moderate fat burning, further reducing aldosterone levels.

The third and last is Trenbolone Acetate, which is perhaps the most potent of the three and generally one of the most potent in the entire commercial network. Many bodybuilders and athletes compare it to products such as Oxymetholone, Metandienone and others as it increases fat metabolism while at the same time strongly aiding in building hard and large muscles.

With this combination of three esters, you are sure to gain results like never before consisting of lean, hard and toned muscle mass along with great strength and fast recovery, effects coming after the first week of use.

Taken by bodybuilders, weightlifters, and triathletes to increase muscle mass and strength. It is very effective both solo and in combination with other steroids.

Pharmacological Action:

Ripped - 250 Mix Malay Tiger has 5 times the anabolic activity of Testosterone. The product can increase the weight up to 8 kg during the 8-week course of application. 

Ripped - 250 Mix Malay Tiger also has a positive effect on the athletes strength and endurance parameters. Ripped - 250 Mix Malay Tiger is also used for increasing the athletes strength parameters during the preparation for the competitions.

Together with a proper diet, the use of Ripped promotes the formation of quality muscle mass with clearly defined veins. During the course of use, it is possible to increase libido.

Usage and Dosage:

Ripped - 250 Mix Malay Tiger for gaining lean muscle mass lasts 9 - 12 weeks. Beginners should take a short course of 6 weeks. The range of safe doses is from 250 to 750 mg/week. Post cycle therapy (PCT) is performed 14 days after the cycle according to the standard schedule.

Combination with other steroids:

For drying and shaping of the muscles you can combine Ripped - 250 with Winstrol or Anavar.

Side Effects and Contraindications:

Ripped - 250 should be taken strictly according to the instructions. Excessive doses can cause insomnia, high blood pressure, and greasy skin. Some athletes may be bothered by a reddish color of urine, but it is not a sign of kidney damage, but only an indication of metabolites leaving the body.

Trade Name: 


Active Ingredient: 

Testosterone Propionate - 100mg
Drostanolone Propionate - 75mg
Trenbolone Acetate - 75mg


Malay Tiger

Steroid Type: 


Package Contains: 

10amps x 275mg

100% Original Product

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