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Enanthal-250 Malay Tiger (Testosterone Enanthate) - 10amps (250mg/ml)

Enanthal 250 (Testosterone Enanthate) from MalayTiger duration of action is 2 to 3 weeks. It is usually used when building muscle mass and strength, but also when reducing body fat. Testosterone is a substance very well known to the human body, which is why Enanthate is chosen for the first contact with anabolic steroids. Its action may therefore cause fewer side effects than other steroids, and possible side effects at a reasonable dosage may be relatively easy to neutralize.

It is most often administered by intramuscular injection, which does not burden the gastrointestinal tract like the once tested oral form. Enanthal 250, like other forms of Testosterone, blocks the body own secretion of this hormone, thus doses exceeding our maximum production of usually several milligrams of Testosterone per day will require so called "unblocking".

Enanthal 250 - Dosage:

Dosages of 250mg every 5-7 days work well for new users or those who have been off the steroid for at least 2-3 years. With the duration of the cycle, the amount of Testosterone taken can be systematically and gradually increased, but it is not recommended to shorten the intervals between injections due to the half-life and ester length - then we are exposed to "overlapping" subsequent doses, and thus greater fluctuations in hormone concentrations and more noticeable side effects.

The maximum dose for amateurs is 750mg of Testosterone per week, which provides the greatest effects with relatively low side effects. Using more than this amount will not significantly increase the beneficial effects, while we will experience an increase in negative effects such as hypertension, stronger aromatization or risk of gynecomastia and increased LDL cholesterol levels.

Testosterone Enanthate MalayTiger - Effects:

There is an opinion that Testosterone is good for everything and everyone. The effects that can be achieved depend on the purpose for which it is used, and thus how your training and nutrition will look like during and after use.

The main effect of Testosterone on an incredible build-up of muscles and reduction of body fat is an increase in muscle protein synthesis. This effect is of course dependent on the athlete's training and diet, but studies show that even in people who do not train at all, Testosterone administration had a significant effect on body composition. This is due to testosterone molecules attaching to the DNA chain and influencing the activation of mRNAs responsible for protein synthesis.

In addition, Testosterone has a strong anabolic effect by increasing the production of IGF-1 in the liver and muscles, and inhibits lipogenesis - the accumulation of fat in the body.

It also has a very positive effect on regeneration by 'opposing' cortisol and thus showing strong anti-catabolic effects.

When using Enanthal 250, you can count on a strong build-up of muscle mass and strength if you support it with a high calorie diet and hard training. When you reduce body fat and run an energy deficit, Testosterone will help you maintain your hard-won muscles and make them harder by helping you retain more glycogen inside your cells.

Enanthal 250 MalayTiger - Opinions:

Enanthal 250 (Testosterone Enanthate) MalayTiger is one of the longest still existing anabolic steroids. This manufacturer has enjoyed a good reputation since its inception in 2004.

Internet users praise its effect, however, emphasizing the importance of the basics - diet and training.

Average rating of users taking into account quality and price: 8.7/10

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Active Ingredient: 

Testosterone Enanthate


Malay Tiger

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Package Contains: 

10amps x 250mg

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