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Oxanabol Alpha Pharma (Oxandrolone) - 50tabs (10mg/tab)

Oxanabol 50 tablets of 10 mg is one of the most effective and safe steroids for oral use. Originally was designed to be taken by children and women, but today it is widely used by bodybuilders and powerlifters. This anabolic helps to increase physical endurance and actively burns subcutaneous fat cells, provides the formation of beautiful muscles.

How does Oxanabol work?

The steroid has a wide range of effects on the athletes body, providing the following results:

- Growth of strength and muscles.

- Accelerated burning of subcutaneous fat cells.

- Increased concentration of somatropin, a growth hormone.

- Giving the muscles elasticity and hardness.

After a course with Oxanabol from Alpha Pharma, muscles increase significantly in volume, forming a beautiful, venous, firm muscle relief. The steroid is recommended for athletes preparing for competitions, who are lean or have insufficient physical performance and high body weight.

Advantages of the preparation:

Safety and high efficacy have made Oxanabol one of the most well-known and widely used steroids in strength sports. 

The advantages of its use:

- Does not cause the development of side effects, provided that it is taken correctly with compliance with the dosage recommended by the trainer;

- Does not have a toxic effect on the body, including the liver;

- Does not aromatize;

- Does not affect estrogen production.

Beginners are recommended to take the steroid without other combinations - only Oxanabol from Alpha Pharma is enough. 

Athletes who have experience taking anabolics can combine with other steroids such as Primobolan or Sustanon.

The dosage of the product and the duration of its use are determined individually. For beginners recommended dosage is no more than 30 mg per day, starting with a minimum of 10 mg and gradually increasing it. The course of treatment is not more than 8 weeks.

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Alpha Pharma

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50 tabs x 10 mg

100% Original Product

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