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Stanozolol (Magnus Pharmaceuticals) - 10ml (50mg/ml)

- Winstrol - the strongest injectable anabolic steroid:

Most bodybuilders know Winstrol (Magnus Pharmaceuticals) under different trade names, as many manufacturers produce this pharmaceutical product. The product itself has a fairly high reputation. You can buy Stanozolol (Winstrol) on our website in excellent quality, manufactured by various pharmaceutical companies.

- Principle of action on the body:

Winstrol is quite a strong remedy in injectable form. One vial includes 50 mg of Stanozolol in 1 ml of solution. As an anabolic steroid, it has an increased anabolic index and is characterized by a low androgenic effect, which allows you to significantly reduce the occurrence of adverse reactions. Stanozolol injections do not aromatize, and this is a very important factor for athletes. Because of this, it is so popular among customers, which include experienced athletes who use the substance to increase lean muscle mass, as well as are in the pre-competition stage of the drying cycle.

- Features of Winstrol:

Initially, the substance was developed to increase the endurance of horses that took part in races. Only after studies of the active ingredient were conducted did they begin to use it on humans. Buying Winstrol are trying those who want to get quick and effective results. The active ingredient of the product is a progesterone antagonist, while not blocking progestagenic quality.

It is considered a relatively safe substance, so it can be taken by women. But it is recommended to remember that increasing the dosage leads to masculinizing effects.

Stanozolol from Magnus Pharmaceuticals is a product that has androgenic and anabolic effects. It is used most often best at the stage of drying and to get rid of excess water from the body of athletes. Among athletes, the product is often referred to as Stanozolol Injection, and it deserves the title of one of the most actively used and popular steroids.

The original use of Winstrol extended only to the medical field, namely the treatment of anemia, increasing the body's defenses, and rehabilitation after surgical interventions and various fractures. It is because of its unique healing properties, it has significantly moved to the sports industry, and later, conquered the bodybuilding. In the 1990, it was stopped being used in sports disciplines, because the substance is labeled on the doping test.

-- Winstrol from Magnus Pharmaceuticals is recommended for the sake of its unique properties:

- It does not accumulate fluid in the body, and also, promotes its excretion, which makes it possible to create a perfect muscular relief.

- The substance not only affects the muscles, but also increases strength and endurance.

- Use the drug both on a cycle by itself and in combination with other substances. Such a complex will make it possible to achieve good results.

- Safety in the doping group. The drug has a good effect, with minimal side effects.

- Keeps the skeletal muscular corset in tone.

- Prevents the growth of fat tissue.

If you want to buy Winstrol, you should know that it is good for those who are satisfied with their weight and their muscles, but who want to increase their muscle-relief and decrease the fat layer.

- Usage and Doses:

The minimum dosage is considered to be 50-100 mg of the active ingredient Stanozolol once every two - three days. The duration of the cycle varies from 6 to 8 weeks. This period of time is 100% enough to achieve the maximum effect, while maintaining a diet and proper exercise regimen.

- Possible side effects:

With its injectable form, Stanozolol has minimal toxic effects on the liver and therefore prevents most of the adverse reactions. Thanks to the weak androgenic index, it is possible to avoid the manifestation of gynecomastia and water retention.

But, still, these side symptoms sometimes happen:

- Acne;

- Severe pigmentation;

- Increased cholesterol levels;

- Increased blood pressure.

If you observe all the conditions of use, you can reduce the risk of bad consequences.

Trade Name: 

Stanozolol Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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Magnus Pharmaceuticals

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Package Contains: 

10 ml x 50mg/ml

100% Original Product

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