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Turinamax MAXLab (Turinabol) - 90tabs (10mg/tab)

Turinamax MAXLab (Turinabol) - 90tabs (10mg/tab)
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Turinamax with active ingredient 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosterone was developed by scientists in East Germany, specifically and exclusively for the needs of the countrys Olympic team in athletics and weightlifting.

It has been carefully researched for years and its protocol for intake within the sports program of the former GDR has been designed to perfection.

The product provides the hard look that competitive bodybuilders often call quality muscle. Turanabol lacks the puffy look characteristic of taking Dianabol and many athletes compare the effect of its use to that of Anavar. In fact, Turanabol differs from Dianabol only by the 4-chloro supplement, the same change in structure being found in Clostebol.

It is the substitution of 4-chloro that makes Turanabol resistant to aromatization. This is extreme benefit to the athletes using it, and one of the reasons it has been labeled as the soft Dianabol. Its intake does not lead to estrogenic side effects such as water retention, acne and gynecomastia. Two studies on male athletes showed that taking 10 mg. Turanabol daily for 6 weeks did not cause any severe side effects.


The recommended dosages for bodybuilding needs are 20-40 mg. daily for men and 5 mg. daily for women (although the side effect of Turanabol is noticeably greater in them - the appearance of unwanted facial hair, thickening of the voice, roughening of the skin texture, etc., which become noticeable at doses of more than 10 mg. daily). In men, doses close to 40 mg. daily are most effective, although smaller amounts are also very effective.

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90 tabs x 10 mg

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