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Pen needles (Insupen - 31G / 32G / 33G) - 100 pcs. (1 box)

Pen needles (Insupen - 31G / 32G / 33G) - 100 pcs. (1 box)
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Pen needles - Insupen

Ultra thin pen needles - Insupen PIC Solution - Made In Italy. Created with innovative technology. Extremely comfortable to use. Special pointed tip for painless application and extremely thin walls for faster penetration. Sterile and compatible with all pens.

- Sterilization is not guaranteed if the envelope is broken.

- For single use only.

- Do not reuse.

- Length: 31G (5mm) / 31G (6mm) / 32G (4mm) / 32G (8mm) / 33G (4mm)

Store in a cool dry place away from chemicals.

After use, remove the needle from the pen and dispose of it in a suitable place.

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