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Vitamin B12 Sopharma - 1ml/amp (1000 mcg/1ml)

Vitamin B12 Sopharma - 1ml/amp
Vitamin B12 Sopharma - 1ml/amp
Vitamin B12 Sopharma - 1ml/amp
Vitamin B12 Sopharma - 1ml/amp
Vitamin B12 Sopharma - 1ml/amp
Vitamin B12 Sopharma - 1ml/amp
Vitamin B12 Sopharma - 1ml/amp (1000 mcg/1ml)
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  • Brand: Sopharma
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- Why do you need to take vitamin B12 regularly?

You will feel happier.

Thanks to the presence of vitamin B12, the levels of serotonin - the main reason of a good mood - rise quickly in the body. When there's a sufficient amount of this special vitamin, feelings of being happy, cheerful and energetic immediately increase. If there is a deficiency of this vitamin in your body, you will feel the symptoms of depression: despondency, bad mood, you will feel really unhappy.

- Brain food:

Vitamin B12 is also one of the main responsible for the health of the neurons in your brain. If you know that you regularly forget things and can't concentrate, you might have a deficiency of this vitamin in your body. With more frequent intake, these small but annoying problems will begin to diminish gradually and eventually stop altogether.

- Source of energy:

If you often feel exhausted, a deficiency may be at hand. This is one of the first symptoms. If you supply your body with enough of it, you will feel energized and fresh. It will save you from fatigue and tiredness. 

- Take care of your heart health:

If homocysteine levels in the body are excessively high, there is a greater risk of cardiovascular problems. Vitamin B12 takes care of normalizing the levels of this protein, which reduces the risk of heart disease. Conversely, a little vitamin-high homocysteine levels.

- Healthy hair, skin and nails:

Beautiful skin, healthy nails and strong hair are a dream of many people. You can achieve them if you take vitamin B12 often enough. It will prevent redness and infections and help the skin to be significantly healthier. It will also strengthen your nails and reduce hair loss.

Trade Name: 

Vitamin B12 by Sopharma

Active Ingredient: 

Vitamin B12





Package Contains: 

10 amps x 1ml/amp (1000 mcg/1ml)

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