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Turinox Malay Tiger (TBOL) - 100tabs (10mg/tab)

TurinoX is a powerful high-level steroid. The active ingredient chlordehydromethyltestosterone is manufactured in tablet form in Malaysia from Malay Tiger company - the most popular manufacturer of anabolic steroids. Turinabol or "TBOL" is used by a wide range of athletes. The main effect of the product is expressed in increasing the performance, power, speed and endurance of the athlete. That is why the product is popular in athletics, cycling, martial arts and other disciplines where these qualities are important. In addition, when the product is used properly, it is able to gain high quality muscle mass, which makes it popular among the bodybuilders.

The molecule of the active ingredient has the same structure as that of methandienone, but with the addition of chlorine atoms. Because of this, the substance cannot aromatize into estrogen and has low androgenic activity. The side effects of TurinoX are correspondingly weaker.

The popularization of Turinabol has surpassed itself, there are many analogues of the active substance from different manufacturers around the world, Turinabol can be under the following names: TurinoX, Turinover, Turanabol, Turinoged.

Price of TurinoX (Turinabol) from Malay Tiger is quite high, but its unique effects pay off all the expenses. Buy Turinabol and you will not make a mistake.

Effects and Action:

   - Growth of only lean and hard muscles;

   - Combustion of excess fluid from the muscles;

   - Increased physical strength;

   - Burning of subcutaneous fat;

   - Stimulation of overall body health.

A course of Turinabol is suitable for athletes of all levels. The product cannot aromatize and convert to dihydrotestosterone. The only disadvantage is its hepatotoxicity, so there are some contraindications. The product cannot be used by people with hepatic or renal insufficiency.

How to take Turinabol:

The active ingredient works in the body for about 16 hours, so you should take the product every day to maintain its maximum activity in the blood. 

In a course of TurinoX you can gain up to 7 kg of muscle mass with a very low percentage of water retention. At the same time the gained mass will remain. Dosages for the beginner are usually 30 to 40 mg daily. However, more experienced athletes can go as high as 10 to 15 tablets (100 to 150 mg) because smaller doses may not work in their system. A course of four to five weeks. Beginners can combine the product with Boldenone at a dose of 400 mg per week. Or with Nandrolone Decanoate at 200 mg per week. Such courses can give great gains in strength and mass to the athlete. More experienced competitive athletes, can use Turinabol in conjunction with Trenbolone Enanthate or Acetate. This should give you a good fat burning while you gain lean, pure muscle mass.

Side Effects:

The cycle of this steroid is considered the easiest and safest. Taking TurinoX does not carry any weighty adverse reactions, therefore, when taking Turinabol, no anti-estrogens or HCG is required. As already mentioned, the product is hepatotoxic, so it will be advisable to take hepatoprotectors like Carsil during the course in order to reduce the load on the liver.

Trade Name: 


Active Ingredient: 



Malay Tiger

Steroid Type: 


Package Contains: 

100 tabs x 10 mg

100% Original Product

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